New year, new goals! I wrote down a couple of my personal goals for 2020, varying from style resolutions to fresh ideas for new blog content.


2019 was a year in which I feel like I really found and defined my personal style. I always gravitate towards a mix of Scandinavian simplicity and a touch of French chic (Cutler and Gross sunglasses and a Breton strip kind of thing!) No fuss, lots of stripes and usually with some sort of subtle edge. This year it’s all about fine-tuning. Crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s, so to speak. One of my style resolutions is to wear more jewellery, as that is something I hadn’t really discovered until recently. Furthermore, I want to invest in a couple of quality basic items while sticking to a minimal wardrobe formula.


The first goal for blogging in 2020, would be to work with…goals! I tried it out a couple of weeks in 2019 and it’s a great way to stay motivated and to keep track of all your achievements. I simply write down a couple of things I want to achieve at the beginning of each week, and I go after them. Hard! That said, it’s okay to fail. I should definitely keep that in mind more often. And…treat yo-self for all the hard work every once in a while!

Speaking about the blog, I’d also like to add a completely new category. I’m currently looking into the possibilities and I do still need to work it out properly. But, when all goes well, it should be pretty exciting. Keep you posted on that one!


The first thing that comes to mind is going to bed and waking up early. Obviously not during the weekend, because weekends are made for sleeping in and doing whatever you feel like doing! But on any regular workday, I’ve found this to be very helpful, so that’s definitely something I like to continue in the new year. Since waking up early means more time, I want to work out at least three times a week.

Another thing that I find very important is to enjoy every little moment. Also, I’d like to go outside more, take long walks and discover more of the city I live in, to make up for all the hours I spend behind a computer screen. One more thing: worry less!


Spend as much time with my family and loved ones as I can, because honestly, that is what I enjoy most. Say “yes” more often to invitations of get-togethers with friends, instead of working late. Next to that I want to travel more and discover new places together with my boyfriend. It’s so much fun to share things like that with the one that knows me like no one else, who I’ve been madly in love with since we were classmates in high school. Even writing this (without even having a proper plan) makes me want to book a trip immediately!

Now tell me something about your goals (or resolutions) for the new year!